Ode to Medium

Liking something makes us appreciating any collective effort ,that brings change with quality to lives of individuals.

If I am going through some difficult times or brain fade phase, then such a platform or any creators hub ,becomes a light house to illuminate my way ahead.

Reading lot of stuff eventually takes me back to writing ,so it becomes a response from my self ,and totally irresistible.

No weapon is stronger than any hub of writers, connecting minds through expression awareness ,and money making.

Indeed! An Icon for Writers and creators

I joined Medium last month while looking for some help to know about new writing trends and genres . But as a solitary being ,I found myself slipping down the rabbit hole.

To unfold cause and effect theory in my case I started digging deeper and found two Tees in trouble.

~Time Management

~Target Audience

Both go hand in hand ,so I give credit to Medium on account of its role for motivating me and telling me that I am part of it. That motivation compels to keep me stick to a routine that would be my help for writing more and more. So, working on time management skills to fulfil expectations and choosing prioritise for maintaining a writing schedule ,all cater to time management.

Why "Target Audience "

Before I talk about target audience it is better to see the importance of gaining followers, it is the first step towards enhancing your skill to reach target audience.

Followers exist if you need them.

Last week I received an email from American writer Jerry B. Jenkins, who is sure about one thing " A story aimed at every one is really aimed at no one".

Actually it is a bit struggle reaching your audience for instance a research about different age groups ,and their reviews about authors and books.


The role of publications on medium is to make us recognize not only our target audience but also maintaining quality while working on multiple choices.

Gaining followers and reaching audience for me amid all the competitive environment is quite new thing so I am thankful to those who sent valuable Emails through Medium for showing their presence and valuable insight.

Stat The Heartbeat

Getting stories published and waiting to see my self among all creators is like a dead end ,but stat blow life to Medium for agility. Apparently it is seen as smoke and mirrors, but then a realisation, transforming into civic sense that makes you more reliable. Weighing statements responses and stories in the mirror of society ,sounds as heart beat. It is the chance to know your worth as creator writer or influencer ,that is never dead line, it beats with highs and lows.

Clap Clap

Claps nudge to stay more close to those who wait for your stories. They make you appreciate and admire your self for even a small achievement , it is after all human nature to go with the flow.


A curated story to me is the moment when you became suddenly very expressive poignant and felt ,more powerful and connecting to a certain group of audience, by holding a mirror up to society .


Yes yes Medium doesn’t love writers ,but it is here to value your achievements.

Medium is encouraging you to interact through Emails.

By sending highlights and sharing stories through Email means, you can build your community .

A mention or a shout out for response is a good gesture to wake the surrounding.


~~To reach target audience you must read reviews ,and work related to multiple genera.

~~For time management, better option is sticking to routine and punching back that, procrastinating stimulus by visibility of Medium icon on cell phone screen ,then it won’t let you “Rust in Peace”.

~Medium has announced training workshop for writers and creators ,in that way it is also an opportunity to see dreams and move ahead.




Blogger..Inspirational and visual writer

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imrana hayat

imrana hayat

Blogger..Inspirational and visual writer

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