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My first impression about writing was a diary, a personal blog ,Facebook status and Tweets, but as we go ahead, global boundaries all the hurdles ,teach us jump better to other side of space.Two months ago as a newbie, joined the platform. My intention was to display my failures, achievments and struggle for knowing forced limitations working against the inbuilt passion for creativity and those aspects that stay in dark until disclosed ,for show and tell. Without support I couldn’t get any where so consecutive notes carry some details to deliver.

Feeling loaded ,with bundles of gratitude for Medium and all who view my writes.

I chose two drastic steps, "of course not telling actually what happened" trying to send a published write to the main publication and offering myself subscription box as reward for gaining some kind of superpower. As you know we all going through the most uncertain times so ,being glued to pre pandemic passive routine means a folly. We are dealing with the loss ,staying out of comfort zone and using grit is better than blaming self as vain.

Preparing a pitch for playing "write daily " is my goal, to achieve it ,I participated in Wmc announced by Medium, it was a good change ,for motivating to peel off the hard outer layer to have a juicy note ,due to saturation it got the taste of fictional story but over all worked out well for me, writing is indeed a desire and one of the instincts.Trigger sometimes play pivot role to drop off words on blank space but waiting for inspiration is not a healthy choice. Natural is being ,spontaneous or doing something without inhaling smoke for reflective mode ,is being pronounced, ‘inspired’.

I got more than hundred followers because of my visibility here, almost consistently from July and Medium didn't leave me alone so I humbly give credit to all who need followers to get enrollment for partnership program. Medium have not raised its eyebrow yet to stop me using ,an opportunity for sharing some articles by other members ,on Twitter ,but point is " Does it matter to anyone? I mean doing something without asking can be quite embarrassing. Maybe they start to imagine about plagiarism or any threat because of non stop content traffic on that space.

Sanity is being drowned by loosly parted waters!

Reading my own writes as love letters from medieval times ,without criticism and embarrassment,certainly a bad trait but triggers poke me every time to edit published notes often ,through my own lens.Last month,grabbed an amazing position in our galaxy to be one of those who after being rejected from a main publication prefer to be part of awareness campaign , I apologize if someone got hurt by cheeky response but fact is ,we all got an experience 'how to refix ', replan replay and replace. Before rejection I didn’t bother to pay attention towards rules much because ,I was hasty for getting an idea to make sure what! If I try any publication route so I am thankful to Samra for sending guideline, my lesson is about three 'don’ts' for all sleeping beauties and careless guys.

<I sent a published note instead of a draft copy.

<Picture was not cited.

<Format and write was not correct and up to mark.

Wmc happened to me !

I dragged myself to narrate something that took place in my surroundings or seen by me. It was looking unfamiliar,in a sudden! “write a narrative essay" At start I thought to put down my opinions but narrative wasn’t supposed to be a formal letter so managed to deliver with a complaint format, tombstone! Of course looks cited and good to only my pair of eyes.

I like this type of essays, it made me recall some great names ,who used to deliver in stream of consciousness and was so confused but it pushed me into the wide opening of WMC ....

When penned down the given task , it came to me as series of events ,from my childhood days ,graduation memories, and about very first work place. Still in practice, how to determine where it divided the way from stream of consciousness and enters into fiction writing for dabbing away moments by non fiction writers.

Non fiction authors make us believe in "show and tell " without making it spill the beans.

I was inclined to write about everything except money matters ,and my personal life experiences.Writing challenge exercise ,was all about insights, to become a prolific writer ,and without opening up your chest and mind, it is hard to become eligible for practice more.

Before writing here I was in forgetfulness, about my past memories and even recent past, few months. So, got to go near lot of loop holes, for a place ,with opening fists to have a better grip behind many renowned authors and teachers.How lucky! It sounds.

Last Sunday I heard an echo by one of very brilliant voices here ,It was so compelling that made me justify some opinions about writing against homeland, people and values. As you know goodness is a spreadsheet for whole community ,on the other hand crime and unjust actions are thorns ,left by wrongdoers for making us feel abandoned behind the closed door. Yes! rhythmic pattern of heart ,beats for home and civic sense callings are in favor of my people and values, but when we do feel trapped by vileness ,not just in my country actually it happens every where so, part of human nature, despite of the fact of their nationality ,ethnic group and skin.I humbly got the lesson from that note "how to write about evil happenings ,without exploitation on my behalf". I am indebted to Reyadul Islam , Inspire to write and Creators Hub for useful insights.




Blogger..Inspirational and visual writer

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imrana hayat

imrana hayat

Blogger..Inspirational and visual writer

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