imrana hayat

Coffee beans scoop placed on white sheet with a small quantity of beans inside and glass mug having espresso is also kept here ,someone pouring milk from milk frothing stainless steel jar into the mug ,background is white to enhance the colors.

Photo by Olha Ruskykh from Pexels

Whirling whirling whirling

Looking for exotic beans

To give them a crush

Where is my favorite cup

A wooden spoon inside it

Waiting for some coffee slush

Cappuccino snapshot

A victory against the smooth beige

Embedding emotions under the silky rage

Gaining a foamy haul

Twirling around the milky pall

Sending my latte art

More espresso,

blunt and richly

crowned with

creamy bubbles

That silky frothing

contouring hearts.

Delicious Mocha

Espresso buying into the small cup

Delightful lava singing the fumed milk

Composed by

Chocolate leaves and fluffy silk.